Marry Me Now Kdrama Cast

Marry Me Now Kdrama Cast.The four sons and daughters of master shoemaker Hyoseop were raised without a mother until one day, they meet their stepmother, who is a millionaire! This family romance drama portrays the meaning of family through the love and war in the parents’ generation and children’s generation.Marry Me Now cast.(Source: KBS World). Marry Me Now Episode 19 Eng Sub.

Marry Me Now Kdrama Cast

Han Ji-hye as Park Yoo-ha

Lee Sang-woo as Jung Eun-tae

Yoo Dong-geun as Park Hyo-seob

Yoo In-hyuk as young Park Hyo-seob

Jang Mi-hee as Lee Mi-yeon

Jung Chae-yeon as young Lee Mi-yeon

Park Sun-young as Park Sun-ha

Yeo Hoe-hyun as Park Jae-hyung

Keum Sae-rok as Park Hyun-ha

Choi Jung-woo as Yeon Chan-koo

Kim Mi-kyung as Jung Jin-hee

Park Se-wan as Yeon Da-yeon


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